Our goal is to connect investors with ventures


Our associate team engages campus organizations to establish a deal flow and promote Huntington Angels. Student organizations provide referrals of ventures that are seeking funding and the team subsequently identifies, classifies, and engages ventures to be vetted. Early screening of incoming ventures is completed during this process.


Our management team evaluates deal flow based on our partner VC’s investment thesis and angel investor specified criteria. Selected ventures will be invited to pitch to the management team and then categorized into 1 of 3 groups: Investment Ready, Almost Ready, Not Ready.


Potential investors in the Boston area or greater global community are identified via LinkedIn & existing personal/professional networks. Our team measures and determines the interest of investors by gathering investment criteria, including industry preferences, size of investment desired, success metrics, etc. Our prioritization of maintaining relationships with investors fosters opportunities to connect with appropriate ventures in the future.


Selected ventures will be trained heavily by the management team on how to pitch to investors, and will have the opportunity to practice pitching with volunteer VC teams. We host capital raising and pitch events to connect and facilitate communication between investors and ventures. Managing Directors will discuss ventures with potential investors prior to these events to evaluate interest.


Nick Myers
PHONE:   860.712.4237
EMAIL:   nicholas@huntingtonangels.com


Jon Dumont
PHONE:   603.391.8333
EMAIL:   jonathan@huntingtonangels.com